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Investment into asset backed property development is a popular wealth creation strategy for sophisticated and high net worth investors.

Returns massively outstrip the purchase of land or property over similar timescales, while the risks are lower than comparable investments.

We offer both develop to sell and develop to hold outcomes, depending on investor preference.

We have invested our personal capital as well as others, into property development deals, so we understand the process from both sides. We constantly assess our own and third party opportunities, rejecting most we evaluate on the basis of risk or profitability criteria. We only select only the best out of many to offer our clients. As well as professional due diligence on property deals and the teams that deliver them, we also do the hard work of project monitoring and reporting, to ensure on track target returns are maintained.

For a deal to be accepted, we look at:

  • Level and type of demand in the location
  • Resell or rental values
  • Build and marketing costs
  • Project phases and timescales
  • Development risks and mitigation
  • Deal and finance structures
  • General economic forecasts - from a range of sources
  • Track record and financial status of partners and suppliers

An investment proposition will not be shared with our investors until we are fully satisfied with all of these criteria.

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