Fixed UK Income Property Investment

Sophisticated Property Investing

Investment into asset backed property development is a popular wealth creation strategy for sophisticated and high net worth investors.

Returns massively outstrip the purchase of land or property over similar timescales, while the risks are lower than comparable investments.

Why choose us

Invest Develop Capital Partners leverages your financial resource, and you leverage our expertise, systems, and networks for a secure and profitable outcome. Offering  develop to sell and develop to hold outcomes, depending on investor preference. We provide our investors with a highly personalised approach. Our aim is to develop long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect, so that we help you build wealth through property, and you relax and enjoy the process of getting there.

lending opportunities

for those who want guaranteed returns without the commitment of property ownership, or joint ventures (for investors who qualify as ‘sophisticated’ according to FCA PS13/3 guidelines) for unparalleled wealth creation .

joint venture

bespoke investment

We also portfolio build for investors who want to hold assets. When you register with us, we meet to clarify your needs and explain our process. We create a bespoke investment plan for you and offer you priority access to deals that meet these criteria.

accelerate wealth

All the funds you place with us (including professional and/or sourcing fees), will be returned to you on exit or re-finance. This enables you to either rapidly accelerate your wealth, or create a fully managed portfolio, and a secure income for life.

We have invested our personal capital as well as others, into property development deals, so we understand the process from both sides. We constantly assess our own- and third-party opportunities, rejecting most we evaluate on the basis of risk or profitability criteria. We only select only the best out of many to offer our clients. As well as professional due diligence on property deals and the teams that deliver them, we also do the hard work of project monitoring and reporting, to ensure on track target returns are maintained.

For a deal to be accepted, we look at:


Fixed UK Income Property Investment Joint Ventures

Share in the profits of property projects (subjected to FPA PS 13/3)

Unparalleled returns, backed by legally secured property assets

Suitable for HNW and sophisticated investors with min £250k to invest

Fully armchair investments, offering total project transparency

Bespoke service, tailored to you
and Lend

Fixed Return or Joint Ventures, subject to FCA PS 13/3 regulations.

Rigorously evaluated deals, multiple exit strategies .

Highly experienced teams, with an ethical and transparent approach

High fixed returns, backed by legally secured property assets

Clearly defined exit strategies and timescales

A popular and proven investment strategy, suitable for all.

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