Raising Property Finance

Bridging Loans

Bridging loans are a versatile & adaptable source of finance. Bridging loans may be utilized for various purposes. Cashflow Bridging can make bridging loans available for clients for varying reasons. we can independently assess you for bridging loans with our extensive panel of lenders. As we are independent, our affiliation is constantly to the client. Therefore, the behest is on sourcing the best bridging loans terms for our clients.

Reasons for Bridging Loans

Buy2Let Finance

Buy-to-let finance traditionally refers to either a sole or joint buyer looker to refinance or purchase properties for the purpose of renting to tenants. With extensive knowledge & experience in buy-to-let finance, Invest Develop offers a comprehensive unique service. At the forefront of the buy-to-let finance market, we have access to residential lenders as well as specialist commercial lenders.  As a result, we are able to assist in obtaining buy-to-let finance even in adverse circumstance.

Pension Release

Invest Develop not only has drafted plans for pension release, but done so successfully. Alongside Invest Develop, clients are able to secure a viable plan against pension release. Accessing pension release could fund a house move or refurbishment as well as a well needed injection into a business. In regards to pension release, it is imperative to deal with the experts. Invest Develop are the pension release industry experts.

If you wish to access pension release or pension unlocking, the first step is to speak to Invest Develop. We can guide you on the path to pension release with our expert industry instruction.

Secured Loans

With secured loans, lenders take a second charge over a main residence or buy-to-let property. The lender would then provide a new loan with the existing mortgage staying where it is. Secured loans are a good option for for clients wishing to access finance with low credit scores Low credit scores can make it hard for clients to get a low-rate personal loan.

The amount of money available to borrow on secured loans is dependant on various factors. Withstanding factors include the potential borrowers income, existing debts, asset values, equity available & credit scores. However, Invest Develop is able to obtain secured loans for clients even with adverse credit.

Bad credit loan

A Bad credit secured loan supplied by Invest Develop could be used to consolidate all existing debts including credit cards & unsecured loans. As a result of a poor credit secured loan, you would be left with just one convenient, manageable monthly repayment. This would increase your cashflow.

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